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Free  Analytical Calculator
Quickly determine if an Investment Account has a Profit or (Loss)


ARC  is a leader in providing tools and resources  for analyzing the activity of investment accounts.  Our  Free Analytical Calculator allows you to use a simple process in determining whether an account is profitable without the need to have any knowledge of accounting software.  This process is referred to in the industry as a Net Out of Pocket Analysis (NOP).   We provide this resource tool for you to input various data from the investment statements and have the calculator determine the profitability of the account during the time frame entered.  Once the data is entered, you simply press Calculate Results and your Net Out of Pocket Profit or Loss will appear on the screen.  You have the ability to enter the data anytime, anywhere from any computer at your convenience.  ARC does not retain any information entered into this calculator so it is important that you memorialize  the result to prevent having to re-enter the data. Choose the tab on the menu labeled Free Net Out of Pocket Analysis to access the entry screen.  Further instructions will be provided. No report will be generated with this free service and no review of the entries will be performed by ARC.

ARC does offer you the ability to generate a report which includes the data entered as well as the result should you want to save this data in report form on your computer. We charge a nominal fee of $25 for producing a report which includes the data entered and the result in report form. Blank lines are included in the data entry screen which will be shown on the top left of the report. The fee may be paid through our PayPal account. A second report is available for $50 which includes the items in the $25 report as well as the performance of of the Barclays Capital US Aggregate Bond Index, The S&P 500 Total Return Index; the NASDAQ Composite Index and the DOW Jones Industrial Average during the timeframe of your entries. It is important that you save the pdf report to your computer when it is generated as ARC does not review or retain any of the information entered or the reports generated. Data entered is routinely removed from the server.

ARC continues to offer full service with data entry and 50 plus reports through ARC Analytics, LLC.

Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions or need assistance.